KW Fun Facts

Celebrity Model Nikki du Plessis gives fashion tips to tourists
Left: Winter Wardrobe ———— Right: Summer Wardrobe

Key West Facts to Consider:
1. Key West has NEVER had a frost.
2. Weather Averages
a. January: High Low 75/63 Rain 4 days
b. July: High Low 90/81 Rain 8 days
c. Key West averages 260 days of sunshine.
3. Key West has the largest concentration of wooden Victorian style homes in the USA.
4. Key West has over 40 weekend festivals/shows/galas/carnivals/fiestas/jubilees per year. In other words, there is always something going on.
5. Key West is closer to Cuba than Miami
6. Key West has chickens, yes, chickens running wild throughout the city streets. They’re everywhere!
7. Key West is divided into Old Town (the historic district) and New Town which makes up 75% of the island.
8. Permanent population is about 25,000 people.
9. Peak tourist season runs Christmas to late May. Off season is June to November with September being the slowest month. Key West hosts approximately 1.5 million visitors per year.