Saltwater Fun

Let’s face it, all of us who live here didn’t move here for the snow skiing. Vacationers too! Key West hosts over a million visitors a year. Most come for the water sports so it’s no secret that Key West is all about saltwater and the sun: Sailing, boating, fishing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, snubaing, swimming, spearfishing, jet skiing, parasailing, island hoping, dolphin watching, shark feeding, kayaking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, even treasure hunting.

KWLocations will find that special place to make your shoot a success.

Now, there are two ways to go… bring/rent your own boat or hire experts to provide the fun. This section lists the pros who will get you on, in and under the water, safely and competently.

  1. Barefoot Billy’s Watersports
  2. Blu Chi Charters
  3. Dolphin Watch by Honest Eco
  4. Fury Water Adventures
  5. Ibis Bay Paddle Sports
  6. Key West Eco Tours
  7. Key West Water Tours
  8. Lazy Dog Adventures
  9. Parawest Parasail
  10. Sebago Watersports
  11. Sunset Watersports
  12. Snuba of Key West
  13. Southpoint Divers
  14. Dive Key West
  15. Captain’s Corner
  16. Lost Reef