Edmund B. Papp
a.k.a. The Mermaid Hunter

I first visited KW in 1963 as a 13 year old on “Walkabout”. Weeks earlier I paged through a magazine and discovered an article on Key West. I couldn’t believe my eyes -pictures of everything I dreamed about, e.g. coconuts in palm trees, coral reefs in crystal clear water, island girls in bikinis. The discovery hit me like a brick on the head. Key West was America! To make my dream come true all I had to do is stick out my thumb and hitchhike – which is exactly what I did – from Trenton, NJ to Key West, Florida.

I worked the shrimp boats for 2 months before returning home but Key West got in my blood. I came back to KW countless times more as I grew up, graduated and worked as a commercial photographer in the Northeast. Finally, in 1999, I retired and went HOME to Key West for good.

I know this town better than most “Conchs”, a term given to locals born and raised here. And because of my life-long career in media I bring a working pro’s perspective to the job as a Florida Film Commission / Locations Director.

I promise to not waste your time or money with BS.

So, how can I help you today?